The shape is an expression of the relationship between its internal structure and the forces of its environment.

Adventures into the practical abyss, and back again.

Let me tell you a story the tale of how I grokked my PhD.

When we start a project with someone, we make a promise to them that we will go from A to B… and, when we get to B we’ll have something to show for it.

Google Ngram for “reframe

The reframe is a common design move for helping people see an old problem with new eyes.

Workshops are important in future oriented design practice. We often need to get people (stakeholders, clients, users, colleagues) together in the one place and thrash things out.

Design Thinging: Origami Warm-Up


How do you discuss creative strategy?
More importantly, how do you do this creatively?

Getting Creative about Victoria’s Future — a discussion paper published last week by Creative Victoria

Jeremy Yuille

Principal @WeAreMeld Melbourne. Designer, coach, learner, seeker, musician

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