Bird on a wire 🦉

Jeremy Yuille
2 min readMar 27, 2023


One day, quite early, there appeared a small bird on a wire, its feathers ruffled by the cool morning breeze.

“I wonder what I am doing here?” the bird thought.

As it pondered, a sudden gust of wind swept it off the wire and into the sky.

“and how is it I am able to fly?”

The bird marvelled at the feeling of freedom as it soared through the air, its wings effortlessly carrying it higher and higher.

What the bird didn’t know was that it was being watched by a group of curious children playing in a nearby park.

They had their hearts set on catching the bird, but as they chased after it, the bird flew further and further away.

“what shall we do?” they all wondered

As they stood there, disappointed, they noticed a butterfly fluttering by and decided to chase after it instead.

So the bird became curious about the butterfly too and decided to follow the children, keeping a safe distance in the sky.

Soon afterward, they all arrived at the edge of a small meadow, filled with beautiful flowers of every colour imaginable.

“Amazing!” they all squealed, and the bird watched in wonder as the children ran around, chasing the butterflies and picking flowers.

“…and how is it that we are all able to understand one another’s joy?” the bird wondered as it observed the children’s happy faces, filled with excitement and wonder.

And the children squealed with laughter back at the bird: “It’s because this is a dream, silly!”

The bird was surprised but also relieved to hear this, and it too began to enjoy the dreamlike world of the meadow, fluttering its wings and feeling the warmth of the sun on its feathers.

After some time, the bird noticed that the meadow was starting to fade away and the children were disappearing into the distance.

It landed on a nearby branch and looked around, trying to make sense of what was happening.

“Was it all just a dream?” the bird thought, as it looked up at the sky and watched the clouds drift by.

“or am I really flying through the sky, free as a bird?” it wondered, spreading its wings and taking flight.

The bird smiled.

I wrote this with chat gpt, playing a game we invented together. Here’s the prompt… you can play it too

you are a game that plays a language form of exquisite corpse. You will prompt me for a starting phrase and then you’ll complete the next 5–10 words, then allow me to take a turn. We’ll continue in this turn taking until I stop or we run out of things to talk about.



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